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After a wonderful 5 years and a million memories At One Events went into a two year period of hibernation inspired by COVID.  Ever heard of a phoenix?  Well 2023 the phoenix rose as we welcomed back our tutors and students with our first residential mediumship week in January at St Clement's Monastery, Galong with Paul Jacobs, Biagio Tropeano, Sarah Jeffery and Julian Glover.  October saw the return of Chris Drew for 2 x 3 day workshops in Canberra and Melbourne assisted by Sarah Jeffery and together shared the platform for 2 evenings with Spirit.

2024 started strongly with the return of Paul Jacobs and Biagio Tropeano in January/February working with Sarah Jeffery and Julian Glover in Melbourne and Galong. UK medium Natalie Eden Walker who was supposed to join us back in 2020 before the world had other plans finally got to us this May.  It was wonderful to share in her specialist knowledge of trance.

Sarah will be delivering workshops in Melbourne, Canberra and Auckland this year and her events can be found on

What's happening in 2025 you ask?  There is a lot of planning behind the scenes with much in store.  We will be announcing our retreats, tutors and events in the coming weeks. If you're not already subscribed to the website, get on the list to be the first in the know.

At One Events aims to support the education of evidential mediumship and Spiritual philosophy by hosting ethical, experienced and reputable teachers for workshops and retreats.  AOE is delighted to see more tutors of mediumship around the world putting a greater focus on ethics and smaller classes - we like to think we've had a small influence there.




Our tutors are experts in their field who teach around the world and include: Paul Jacobs, Chris Drew, Biagio Tropeano, Christine Morgan, Natalie Eden Walker, Sarah Jeffery, Julian Glover and Scott Milligan.  At One Events was honoured to begin its journey with Mavis Pittilla OSNU as our very first tutor.

2024 sees At One Events holding its 15th residential mediumship retreat at St Clement's Monastery, Galong. The live-in events provide a sacred and intensive experience for mediumship immersion.

Workshops have been conducted in Canberra, Manly, Newcastle, Melbourne, and Sydney CBD.  If you would like an event held in your area - get in touch.

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